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Le voile sur pattes

Ne jamais oublier que le mariage n’oblige pas à aimer, juste a être fidèle. L’amour est un cdd qu’il faut chercher a renouveller constamment par de nouvelles marques d’attentions…

quraanismybestfriend: Can I save your blog pic?.. lovely idea :)

Yess no problem

In two days i’ll go to Marocco insha’Allah. Hollydays but not only: i’ve decided to draw my own caftan collection (10/15 caftan for rent to begin)for all guest sisters who want beautiful dresses with short price. Do you have some models to show me? It can be interesting for my future collection. Hamdoulillah i’ve already drawn 10 models. Nb: Naturally, every dress could be wear by hijabis (long length, etc).

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